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Richard Epstein Award for PhD level Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows

Picture of Richard Epstein

Richard Epstein was a Professor of Genetics and Director of the Department of Molecular Biology of the University of Geneva. He made seminal contributions in the field of bacterial genetics. In particular he was instrumental in the discovery and analysis of the amber mutants of bacteriophage T4 and succeeded in identifying most of the essential genes of T4 using conditional-lethal mutations. He was an inspiring teacher and many students chose to study molecular genetics in the Department after following his stimulating and thought-provoking lectures.

Upon his retirement, Prof. Epstein donated funds to assist graduate students and postdoctoral fellows attend international scientific meetings. Accordingly, to honor his memory, the Department has established the Epstein Award. Three such awards will be presented each year on a competitive basis.

To apply for the Epstein Award, interested PhD level graduate students or postdoctoral fellows of the Department of Molecular Biology will need to submit information on the meeting they wish to attend, a half-page justification of why they want to attend the specific meeting and the abstract and/or manuscript or publication that they intend to present at this meeting.

The deadlines for submitting this information are March 31 and October 31 of each calendar year.

Recipients of Epstein Award

Mateusz Mendel, Alessandro Stirpe, Joanna Wenda
Karoline Leopold, Laura Padayachy, Maude Strobino
Kamila Delaney, Beata Kusmider
Christiane Brugger, Slawomir Kubik
Sandrine Coquille, Ka Yi Hui, Maksym Shyian
Jessica Bruzzone, Christl Gaubitz, Natalia Lugli
Maciej Kocylowski, Morgane Macheret, Seda Yerlikaya
Fabiana Arieti, Silvia Ramundo, Sotirios Sotiriou
Soheila Emamzadah, Britta Knight, Manuele Piccolis