Département de biologie moléculaire
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Department facilities

The Department is very proud of its communal facilities. These include:

  • an equipment park for state of the art technologies (tissue culture facility, FACS analyzer, advanced molecular detection systems (e.g. phospho and fluoresence imager), Real-Time PCR)
  • a workshop for software development (web application, automated data processing tools) and scientific illustrations, run by Nicolas Roggli,
  • an outstanding mechanical/electrical workshop, run by André Liani, Yves-Alain Poget, Marc Schneider and Georges Severi. This workshop not only maintains all departmental equipment, but is also extremely skillful in custom design and assembly of novel research devices
  • and a service for media preparation and dishwashing.

Technology platforms at UNIGE

The Genomics Platform headed by Mylène Docquier, provides advice and access to state-of-the-art methods in genomic technologies, including Next Generation Sequencing, Affymetrix and Illumina Microarray platforms for transcriptome, genomic and SNP profiling, the nCounter from nanoString Technologies for precise highly mutliplexed measures of RNA and a platform for robotic high throughput real-time PCR.

The Imaging Platform headed by Christoph Bauer, is equipped for state-of-the-art visual microscopy and electron microscopy. The platform also performs real-time microscopy of molecules in living cells, including technologies such as FRAP (fluorescence recovery after photobleaching), FLIP (fluorescence loss in photobleaching) and FRET (Fluorescence resonance energy transfer).

The Flow Cytometry Platform headed by Jean-Pierre Aubry has state-of-the-art flow cell sorters for high throughput cell sorting and single cell sorting.

The Transgenesis Platform headed by Prof. Pedro Herrera provides microinjection services.

The Histology Platform headed by Prof. Annelise Wohlwend provides tissue sectioning and staining services.