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David Shore retired on September 30, 2020

Chromatin & Transcription, Coordination of Cell Growth and Division, Ribosome Biogenesis & Cellular Proteostasis

Ongoing projects in the lab address (1) promoter nucleosome architecture and its effect on transcription initiation; (2) coordination of transcriptional programs that control cell growth, stress responses, and cell division; (3) the protein homeostasis burden imposed by ribosome biogenesis during rapid cell growth (the "ribosome assembly stress response”, RASTR); and (4) a novel role of the telomeric protein Rif1 in meiosis.

Latest Paper

Transcriptional control of ribosome biogenesis in yeast: links to growth and stress signals.
, ,
Biochem Soc Trans, ; 49 (4): 1589-1599