Pillai Lab

Open Positions

PhD and postdoctoral positions in RNA biology

Department of Molecular Biology, University of Geneva, Switzerland

The Pillai laboratory is seeking to recruit one PhD student and two postdoctoral fellows to study the role of RNA modifications in gene expression control.

RNA molecules can be modified by over 150 different chemical marks and their importance in gene regulation is being rapidly uncovered. The N6-methyladenosine (m6A) mark is an abundant internal modification on RNAs and this is highly conserved from yeast to plants and animals. RNA methytransferases "write" this mark on transcripts, and this can be "erased" by demethylases, making it a dynamic regulatory modification. Proteins that can recognise the mark "read" the signal on messages to impact RNA stability, translation, splicing and export.

This interdisciplinary project will also make use of mouse models, protein biochemistry, cell biology and computer methods.

Candidates with prior experience in working with RNA, protein biochemistry, structural biology, mouse genetics or computational biology are invited to apply.

Apply with a brief motivation letter (~300 words) and a CV to : ramesh.pillai@unige.ch

Date Posted: Feb 5th, 13:39